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Nutritional Consultation: What to expect

Prior to a consultation you will be asked to complete a number of questionnaires detailing your medical history, current health concerns, diet and lifestyle. These areas will be explored further in your consultation, along with your priority for treatment. As part of a functional approach used by Nathalie, you may be advised to carry out private laboratory testing to help gain a more accurate picture of the internal environment of the body.  This is not compulsory but may be of significant benefit in identifying key imbalances and devising the most suitable program for you.


As part of your program, supplements may be advised.  Again there is no obligation but where appropriate and recommended to support the patient, only the best quality supplements are advised.  These supplements may come at a higher cost than supermarket brands and are chosen for evidence based purposes with high quality and effectiveness.  These supplements are manufactured in a particular fashion in order to meet high standards and confidence. 


The aim of the consultation is to identity the imbalance or dysfunction at the centre of the individual’s health concerns and manage it in a sustainable way; through diet, exercise and lifestyle adjustments.  Nathalie aims to motivate clients to make positive changes without being impractical or overly restrictive.  Ultimately a partnership develops whereby the patient will feel empowered to make gradual changes following the advice and guidance of the practitioner.  

The first  consultation will take one hour and 30 minutes, after which you will leave with an understanding of your treatment program.  This may include functional testing to carry out, supplements to take and basic lifestyle/dietary changes to make.  To help you implement dietary changes, you will be emailed with a clear dietary plan and other resources.    It is not compulsary but it is  strongly reccomended that every client book a meal planning session that will help to take into account the whole family and your personal circumstances and preferences.  We work together to make a happy transition. 


Follow up consultations are advised every 4-6 weeks depending on each individual’s needs and budget.


"Having had breast cancer more than once and needing to keep my hormones and weight in check, Nathalie’s help has never been more important.   She’s happy to check in and answer questions and offer advice between consultations too.  Her approach is clear and supportive, and well worth the investment" 

"Nathalie has a great system (app) in place, I can refer back to all the information I need at anytime. Her communication and response time to any questions I’ve had has been brilliant. She has a lovely manner that greatly puts you at ease, I feel confident talking about any issues. I’ve been given so much professional advice and made some permanent lifestyle changes that have made such a difference. Overall amazing

experience and I would highly recommend Nathalie" SG

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