Recipe Demonstration

It’s often the fear of getting in the kitchen that stops us being successful in adopting new eating habits.  For those clients that would like practical help in the kitchen or would like to understand some of the methods of allergy free baking and cooking, recipe demonstrations can be provided and are an excellent way to build confidence in the kitchen.  


Classes can be provided one on one or in group sessions and can be tailored to the needs of the client or group.


Typical sessions might include the following;


Baking without (gluten free and dairy free)

Gluten or grain free breads

Grain free wraps

Protein pancakes

Carbonara sauce


Smoothies, snacks and treats

Mango power smoothie 

Chocolate energy balls

Beetroot cupcakes

Avocado keto style brownies


Kitchen basics

Raspberry kefir water

Almond milk and fermented almond yogurt

Cashew cream

Almond butter


Functional foods for Gut health

Raspberry kefir water

Fermented coconut yogurt

Gut soothing smoothie

Beetroot slaw

Gut healing stewed apple with oats



All participants can try the food during the session or take the food home with them afterwards.  Numbers are limited to 4-6 per group and sessions typically take 3-4 hours (with time to enjoy the recipes and chat with like-minded people).  


Get in touch if you are interested in attending a session