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Workshops and Talks can be tailored.  Below are a sample of topics.  All talks work well combined with recipe demonstrations.  Talks/workshop are typically 40 minutes long, with time for questions at the end or 2 hours for talk combined with recipe demonstrations. 



Blood Sugar Management

Understand how to meal plan for optimal blood sugar management to avoid energy crashes, weight fluctuations and chronic health problems such as diabetes.


Breast Cancer Prevention and Recovery

Understand the research surrounding breast cancer expression and how to optimize diet to aid with breast cancer recovery and prevention.


Children’s Nutrition

What macronutrients are important for children’s development and how can parents incorporate these foods into their diet?   Learn about common childhood health problems and how to optimize their immunity through food.


Optimising Nutrition before, during and after pregnancy

How to eat well to optimize fertility for both partner.  Learn how to eat well through pregnancy but avoid excess weight gain and finally understand how to eat well postnatally to heal quickly and help mum and baby flourish. 


Other requested talks;


Superfoods for Anti-ageing, Skin, Hair and Nail health. 


Weight Management


Eating well for Optimal Health


Eating for Stress Management

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