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Nathalie is certified as a Nutrigenetic Counsellor (NgC) with BANT and has passed competency assessments following full NTEC approved training. 

Advancing knowledge in nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics heralds a new era in the contribution of personal nutrition advice to promote and maintain optimal health through all life stages. The new paradigm of personalised nutrition demands wider competencies and an increased capability from nutritional therapists to encompass areas such as genetics, genomics, toxicology, risk assessment and communication, and an appreciation of the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding the use of genetic information.

Nutritional therapists have followed a complex model for some time which underpins the difference in approach to the nutritional influence on health from that of current dietetic practice. Nutritional therapy recognises that complex systems adapt over time, and that up-to-date emerging scientific advances must be incorporated into practice in a timely manner.

What is a Nutrigenetic Counsellor?

Professional dietary and nutritional advice tailored to individual genotype – where complex interactions between diet, nutrition and other lifestyle practices, as well as age, gender and current health status, are translated into protocols – may be termed ‘Nutrigenetic Counselling’. Nutritional Therapists wishing to incorporate Nutrigenetic Counselling into their practice need to assimilate new knowledge, skills and attitudes for enhanced performance. Core to this knowledge is ‘genetic literacy’. Members of the public wishing to benefit from nutrigenetic counselling can then be assured of appropriate standards of quality assurance.

Interested in your own Nutrigenetic profile?

Nathalie offers Nurigenetic packages and recommends Lifecode Gx reports or Lifestyle Genomics reports used in conjunction with a valid metabolite test within the last 6 months. This might include hormone testing or an organic acids test.  It is best to undertake an initial consultation prior to arranging genetic testing to understand which tests may be suitable to your individual needs/concerns.  Nathalie offers free 15 minute sessions to offer more information about the genetic packages.  

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