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Meal Planning: Be prepared


Its so important to plan for the week if you want to eat well.  Without a plan, we tend to eat conveniently and make poor food choices.  As part of your initial consultation we will look at your food diary together to establish what you like to eat and how we can adapt it to promote a more balanced and specific food plan for you. This might include;


Incorporating functional foods

e.g. such as including more phytonutrient rich foods or omega 3 rich fats

Replacing problem foods or restricted foods

e.g. if you are following an elimination food plan or if we simply want to replace sugary snacks for better alternatives

Ensuring that meals are providing the core nutrients that the body needs for optimal health and wellbeing

e.g. protein, fats and complex carbohydrates are all core nutrients required for optimal health, we will discuss how to include these in each meal


If you have a family, we will look at how the food plan can work for you all.  Its so important to keep everyone happy!  If you lead a busy lifestyle we are realistic about what time you have in the kitchen and will plan for that.  Everyone’s lives are different so the focus will be on you in putting the meal plan together.


We may discuss brands and where you can buy things at the best price!  Recipes and resources will also be offered, including snack and treat ideas.

Those that travel may need further advice if they are relying on more convenient options.  This can be discussed with advice and support offered in this area.  Eating out with friends and family - we have help with this too.  


Many people struggle with balance – it’s about eating well most of the time and achieving a balance.  It's important to get this message across practically in the meal planning sessions.  The food you eat is functional for health but is also a social and enjoyable experience!

We encourage gradual changes, at your pace - there is no race!  Meal planning will give you the tools you need to stay motivated, adopting a food plan that you can use long term in a sustainable way.  

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